As a small business owner, I know how important it is to market your company as effectively and inexpensively as possible. This is exactly the concept behind The Brass Business Bulletin.  By spreading the costs of designing the newsletter, printing costs, postage and delivery fees among 16 – 18 businesses, I am able to offer our service at a lower investment per advertiser.

Every small business owner knows the importance of building name recognition.  You want everyone to think of YOU when they require the product or service that you offer.  Again, The BRASS Business Bulletin can help you do this effectively and inexpensively.  By offering QUARTERLY distribution of our newsletter in most areas our clients are able to keep their name in front of its targeted audience for a minimal investment per household.  Everyone likes to do business with companies that they have heard of in a positive light – something more than just a yellow pages listing.

Growing Businesses WANT to Advertise.

No business needs to advertise, but smart business owners who want to grow and expand their business want to advertise.  They want to promote their business in the best possible light. They want everyone else to see their company as the BEST, just as they do.  They want to tell everyone about their business, after all, this is their business – there is no other like it on the face of the earth.

Business owners like you, who want everyone to know how great their companies are, have found advertising is the only way to accomplish this goal and to expand their business. Business owners like you, understand the importance of advertising and how to turn a minimal investment in promotion into a steady stream of new clientele.

Would you invest $300 if it increased your company’s name recognition and told your unique story to your marketplace?  If you are in business to make money – or course you would.

Advertising and promotion can be done in any number of ways: newspaper, yellow pages, radio, television, signage, direct mail, to name a few.  Everyone knows that you cannot advertise just once and expect a big response.  Advertising (to grow your business) is a process; each ad builds upon the others.  Each promotion helps you build NAME RECOGNITION.  You want everyone to know your name at the very moment they require your product or service.

The surest way to build name recognition is to promote your business in a systematic and regular manner.  For example, you advertise in the yellow pages, but what makes a potential client pick your name out of the list in the book?  They will glance down the list and call companies that are familiar to them.  The BRASS Business Bulletin can help you make your company the one with which they are familiar.  By offering exclusivity for your business and a quarterly distribution into your marketplace for a very reasonable investment, you can build the name recognition that you desire in a very short time.

Hopefully I have piqued your desire to want to know more about BRASS Publishing and how we can help you improve your bottom line.

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