What makes the BRASS Business Bulletin different from other types of advertising?

Our newsletters are designed in a news story format that does not look like other advertising; this induces more readership of the product.

We deliver the Bulletin into the residences of your particular market.

We do a quarterly newsletter in most areas that we distribute.  This allows our clients to market themselves on a regular basis for a better response rate.

We offer each advertiser exclusivity in its industry.  For example if you advertise with us your direct competitors cannot.

Our Account Representatives will work with you to develop a text or display ad that best markets your company.

Why do you use a newsletter format?

Large companies that use the newsletter format realize that newsletters get read – even if the newsletters do not offer actual news – at a rate of about three to one vs. conventional direct mail. Indeed, a really good newsletter can build such a following that readers look forward to receiving it and actually watch for it to arrive in the mail.  When advertising is welcomed by the targetee – well, that’s about as good as advertising gets.


  • Don’t irritate the customer.
  • Primary role is to pre-sell.
  • Turn your customers into friends – and friends are much easier to sell to.
  • Are the next best thing to an outside rep.

What does this cost me?

As with all types of advertising this is an investment in your company.  You are reaching the residences in your local area usually for an average investment of less than $.03 per household.

Why do we work with such short deadlines?

We publish newsletters four times per year in over 80 areas and have weekly deadlines for each newsletter to keep each current and in homes by the stated dates.

What guarantee do I get?

We promise to publish your ad (as you have proofed) in our newsletter and have it delivered into the homes by our stated due dates.  We cannot, of course, guarantee a certain response – no advertising medium can do that, but it is proven that the more times you put your company name in front of your target audience the better chance you have of being contacted when they require your service or product.

Can I receive discounts for advertising in multiple newsletters?

We do offer discounts for multiple ads.  Talk with your Account Representative for specific details concerning the areas you wish to advertise.

Do I have final control over the content of my ad?

Of course.  By working with your Account Representative you will receive an unbiased outside perspective on marketing your business more effectively.  You must sign off on the final ad or it will not print

Can I use my existing ad in your newsletter?

Of course.  The best method to get us a copy is to email us at info@brasspublishing.com you may also fax us at 207-464-0052.  Faxing can sometimes distort logos.  We want your ad to look at good as it possibly can so in extreme cases you may have to use an overnight delivery service.

What are publication areas?

Please click here for more information of our publication areas.

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